Custom, hand-crafted stippling solutions

We are a custom, hand-crafted stippling and laser engraving company focused on optimizing your grip


We're a small shop in Texas offering high-quality stippling and laser engraving solutions

Our laser engraving process delivers clean lines coupled with low to aggressive hand-stippling ensuring the grip you want with a factory finish. Our goal is to ensure that the product you receive looks damn good and serves you well. Follow us on Instagram!

The Process

Our process is a simple one: Fill out a work order, place the work order and your frame in a box, ship via your favorite carrier. Once the work is complete, we’ll send your frame back to you. 

Step 1:

Fill out the work order and print

Step 2:

Place your frame along with your work order in a shipping box

Step 3:

Ship your order

our work

Other laser engraving services

We also offer general laser engraving services. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our non-firearm engraving services.

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